Optimize your Cyber Defences


SMARTSentinel is a sophisticated platform designed to significantly reduce the time required to identify, isolate and remediate potentially malicious attacks. Quickly establish a clean baseline of your assets. Automate the identification of changes. Focus on the exceptions. Reduce the time required to eliminate problems before they cause damage.

SMARTSentinel utilizes all of the most sophisticated technology including BigData, Machine Learning, Infrastructure as Code and High Value Telemetry to provide maximum efficiency to the SOC. The platform will enhance the likelihood of detecting a breach and stopping it before harming critical infrastructure.

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Platform Features

Digital Workflow

SMARTSentinel uses human and machine learning logic to define, prioritize and drive incident response using an intuitive workflow experience.


We personalize the SMARTSentinel analytics with your organization’s profile, assets and baseline behaviours to whitelist authorized events and software and avoid false-positive alerts.

Rapid Deployment

SMARTSentinel’s secure, cloud-based architecture deploys quickly and scales easily as your needs grow.

Machine Learning

Information from your assets is aggregated in your organization’s private cloud where SMARTSentinel’s expert knowledge heuristics are applied to identify indications of breaches.


SMARTSentinel automatically monitors your networks for breach detection, alerting and response to protect your mission-critical assets and mitigate the shortage of expert cybersecurity resources.


Elimination of repetitive assessment of recurring benign information and processes.