Empower your IT team with access to the SMARTSentinel platform

If your business prefers to leverage your internal team to keep security monitoring in-house, we can help.

The SMARTSentinel web interface was designed to simplify security monitoring by internal IT teams.

The SMARTSentinel difference

Knowledge Repository

Every entity, and every relationship on your network is represented in our cloud based Knowledge Repository. This gives you unprecedented insight into your systems.

Enterprise-grade security, for everyone

Becoming a skilled security analyst usually takes years. Our patented visualization and unique workflow empowers IT staff to regain mastery over their assets.

Rapid Threat Neutralization

When a threat is detected, it can be quickly contained or eradicated before the damage spreads. The Knowledge Repository then knows to alert you the next time it detects that event.

Alerts That Matter

The Knowledge Repository learns from your decisions over time. That means you only get alerts on things that matter.

How it works

Lightweight Active Agents send device log data to the cloud

Cloud-based Knowledge Repository builds a model of expected and known bad behavior in the system.

SMARTSentinel issues alerts whenever known bad events, or abnormal events occur.

IT team refines rules about acceptable or unacceptable behavior.

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Product Overview

SMARTSentinel was designed to be easy to use. How easy?

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Data Sheet

More technical details on how SMARTSentinel revolutionizes security.


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